The Directorate of University services Batna center (Dou Batna Center) is a public administrative institution, operating under the supervision of the Ministery of higher Education and Scientific research. It enjoys legal personality and financial independence. It is responsible for the fundamental missions represented by the implementation of the national policy in the field of university services, in particular:

  • Ensure the improvement of living conditions for students in university residences.
  • Provide accommodation and food in the best conditions.
  • Monitoring and control of grant management.
  • Promotion and development of sports, scientific and cultural activities at the level of university residences.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of a program for the university transportation network.
  • Ensure the health care and protection of students in coordination with the competent public health bodies.
  • Ensure the reception of foreign students legally registered in higher education establishments in accordance with the regulations.